dismantling racism works

dRworks is a collaborative of trainers and organizers who have been facilitating Dismantling Racism work for many years. Building on a model developed in the early 1990s by Kenneth Jones and Tema Okun, what was once a three-day workshop has developed into the longterm Dismantling Racism process we facilitate today. Under the leadership of all those at dRworks and with the help of literally hundreds of people who have participated in the DR process, we continue to develop and strengthen the race equity analysis and process that we offer to leaders and organizations who come to us for help and support.

Because we believe that racism intersects and supports gender, sexuality, class, and other oppressions; because we cannot achieve equity in one arena without justice in all areas; because our vision is of a world where we hold both the differences of how our identities shape us while also holding our shared humanity, dRworks is committed to supporting the development of strong, resilient, reflective, and strategic people and organizations.

And because organizational and community development requires an understanding of how historically constructed oppression is inextricably woven into our culture and institutions, we provide facilitation, curriculum design, ongoing workshops, coaching, and other supports for leaders, organizations, and communities. We also provide one-on-one coaching for organizational and community leaders.

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